• Abdul Rahman Dept. Mechanical State Polytechnic of Medan
  • Achmad Irianto Dept. Mechanical State Polytechnic of Medan
  • Nelson Manurung Dept. Mechanical State Polytechnic of Medan
  • Nursuar Dept. Mechanical State Polytechnic of Medan
  • Joni Indra Dept. Mechanical State Polytechnic of Medan
  • Sumartono Dept. Mechanical State Polytechnic of Medan


Maintenance and Repair Workshop is an important facility to prepare and introduce students majoring in the maintenance and repair to industrial machines and equipment and system performance tests. A frequent complaint from workshop is that the price of the press machine is too high and only has one function, therefore not many workshops possess a press machine. Bearing is one of the engine components supporting the rotating shaft which serves to reduce the friction that occurs between the rotating and fixed machine parts. Damage to the bearing is caused by several factors, one of them is an error that occurred when mounting and dismounting the bearing of the shaft. Based on the experience that 16% of premature bearing failures are due to mounting errors. It often happens that technicians install the bearing on the shaft in a rough way, such as hitting the bearing with a hammer or using a welding flame to expand the inner ring of the bearing so that it is easily inserted into the shaft. This will damage the bearing and its position is no longer precise, resulting in unstable shaft rotation. Using the correct equipment and bearing installation methods will save on bearing replacements. The purpose of this research is to make a bearing mounting and dismounting equipment using a press machine driven by a hydraulic system with maximum pressure is 3 tons. This pressure is generated by a hydraulic jack which presses the inner bearing into the shaft bearing for mounting bearing and into the shaft for dismounting bearing with a predetermined force. The research methodology includes construction planning which consists of construction and element design, analyzing design results, select alternative designs, draw elements and construction according to the selection of alternatives and fabrication by mean of machines toll and welding. From the tests carried out, the press machine has an efficiency of 90%, and the time for mounting and dismounting bearings is 30-50 seconds depending on the size of the bearing. The equipment can be used for practical tools in the maintenance and repair workshop and other purposes in a mechanical workshop, similar as a pressing used drink cans for recycling.