Motif of Self Appearance Addigai in KSSM of Visual Art Education

  • iJTVet Publisher
  • Gopinath A/L Sandra
  • Harleny Binti Abd Arif
  • Nor Syazwani Mat Salleh³


The History and Appreciation of Visual Arts in the Secondary School Curriculum (KSSM) for Level 3 Visual Arts Education subjects focus specifically on traditional dress and jewelry. This field strives to produce a generation of students who cherish and preserve the national heritage of various ethnic and ethnic groups. This paper presents some meaning of motif of the appearance of Indian jewelry Addigai in Malaysia. This study uses qualitative approaches and data collection techniques through library and field methods of library researches, observations, interviews and document analysis. The findings of this study highlight the aesthetic value of the Addigai ornament as one of the indigenous cultural arts of India to be preserved.