Tepak Sirih (Betel Box): The Heritage Treasure of Perak

  • iJTVet Publisher
  • Salbiyatun binti Abd Rashid @ Shaari
  • Shamsu Bin Mohamad
  • Harleny Binti Abd Arif


This study was conducted to study the uniqueness of Tepak Sirih (Betel Box) as a Perak State Heritage Treasure. Tepak sirih custom equipment that is dominant in certain ceremonies, especially the Malay community in the Malay wedding customs and traditions of the Royal. The fact Tepak sirih been placed by the Malay community in the past as heritage items and heritage which is a must for those belonging to the palace until the commoners. It reflects the warmth, courtesy and stratification of the Malay community in their daily lives. The sharpness and finesse of the art of interiors reflect the height of status possessed by these heritage objects. The main aim of this study was to study the uniqueness of the ornaments on the periphery of Perak state. The research method used is a qualitative research method based on observation, interview and document analysis to obtain the findings. It is hoped that the efforts of the researcher in displaying the uniqueness of the decoration of the Perak state heritage treasure can be accepted as a meaningful study.