Designing the Prototype of a Self-Help Toolkit: A Visual Journaling Workbook and the Drawing Tools

  • iJTVet Publisher
  • Elis Mokhtar
  • Harleny Abd Arif
  • Nor Syazwani Mat Salleh


This paper presents the design process in designing the prototype of a self-help toolkit; a workbook with a series of visual journaling exercises and a set of drawing tools. The study adopted a qualitative inquiry highlighted on a systematic review of 40 reference books and recent published workbooks related to visual journaling. The review focused on the structure and the content, the drawing exercises/activities, the suitable drawing tools, and the graphic features. The major task comprised a comparative analysis on the structure of the workbook, picking a language style for the text/instructions, selecting the drawing tools and conducting visual research for the graphic features for the exterior and the interior e.g., the layout arrangement and typographic design, arranging the illustrations for the supplementary information on the drawing elements and tools for the workbook. The study has developed a methodical process to design an interactive and user-friendly workbook that contributes significantly to the field of workbook design as a basic guideline for the future researchers and those who are interested in designing their own self-help workbook.